44th Annual BWA Fashion Show Review

By Anthoni Haynes So let’s talk about the 44th Annual Black Womyn’s Association that took place on Saturday, April 23 in the SAC Ballroom. Lord was it serving UNITY love a Black Woman from infinity to infinity from the designs to the performances to the music and the host. I was looking forward to the show and boy was I not disappointed. […]

Belleza Universal Pageant Event

By Anthoni Haynes On Friday, April 8 The Latin American Student Organization (LASO) hosted their annual Belleza Universal pageant in the Student Activities Center for the first time since 2019. The pageant was the last event of LASO’s Latin week. Belleza Universal was a magnificent display that showcased the talents and cultures of women from different ethnic backgrounds. This years […]

24th Annual ASU Fashion Show Event

By Anthoni Haynes On March 26th, the African Student Union hosted its extravagant and palatial annual fashion Show in the Student Activities Center its first fashion show hosted by ASU since the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s fashion show was called SORËË: The Awakening. Soree not to be confused with soiree means “arise” in Twi, a West African language. But indeed, a […]

“Evolve Your Vision and Open Your Mind”: Bronx Artist Gloria Zapata’s Art Gallery in Dedication to This Past Women’s History Month

By Isabella Begazo This March’s celebration of National Women’s History Month was filled with plenty of expression, creativity and art all across the United States. In all different forms of artwork, women’s achievements and powerful influence are celebrated to commemorate their contributions in society. New York is filled with diverse creativity in every corner, especially with many artists creating fascinating […]