HARLEM TV Show Review

By Esther Alatishe The long-yet-somehow-fast year of 2021 brought with it many works of film and TV that reflected some very real aspects of life: the mundane, the chaotic, the ridiculous, the ironic, the disappointing, the ambiguous, and the happy. One of those works was the first season of the Amazon Prime TV show Harlem. Don’t get me wrong– the […]

Community Roundtable Episode One

In this video, a group of us discuss the specific issue of Black and Indigenous women accounting for a disproportionate amount of missing persons while also being significantly underreported as missing. Nationally, investigations and news coverage for such women are inadequate compared to their white counterparts, and we discuss this reality and its implications. While the recent case of Gabby […]

The Absolute Need to Rest

Photo Credits: Eartha Kitt, photographed by Don Ornitz, (1957) By Esther Alatishe At some point during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement within the lockdown, I became very intent on finding content for young black women like myself that didn’t feel traumatic. On Instagram, I muted the posts of so many whose content magnified news stories of police […]

First Community Fridge Opens in St. Albans

By Kiara Thomas Dozens of Queens residents and community leaders gathered at the parking lot of the Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center in St. Albans on April 24 to celebrate the opening of its first community fridge.  Rows of 135 cloth bags and 146 cardboard boxes filled with lentils, cabbage, apples, non-perishables and other fruits and vegetables, free of […]