Poem- In My TV

By: Oluwatoyin Kupoluyi I used to think that people lived in my television  In a faraway land, I wasn’t allowed to touch  My mom used to say not to get too close to the TV That it will suck me up and take me away  That if I touch the glass screen my skin will melt through  And my palms […]

Halloween Media Paint Night

In celebration of Halloween, Student Media Council hosted a Halloween theme paint night in collaboration with Commuter Student Association, WUSB, SBUTV and Black World. Here is a glimpse of some of the beautiful artwork from paint night.

Brookfest 2022

We once again come together to celebrate the 2022 annual Brookfest. This end-of-the-year spectacle cements a return of university traditions and the accomplishments, dedication, and hard work of our fellow Seawolves. This year held nothing back from missing the past Brookfest due to the pandemic. We welcomed a heavy lineup opening with Capella Grey, a young artist from the Bronx. […]