Belleza Universal Pageant Event

Belleza Universal Pageant Event

By Anthoni Haynes

On Friday, April 8 The Latin American Student Organization (LASO) hosted their annual Belleza Universal pageant in the Student Activities Center for the first time since 2019. The pageant was the last event of LASO’s Latin week. Belleza Universal was a magnificent display that showcased the talents and cultures of women from different ethnic backgrounds. This years pageant feautred a diverse aray of contestants from Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haití, El Salvador, México, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Puerto Rico.

To call Belleza Universal just a beauty pageant would be an understatement The show consisted of different segments such as a talent segment, a question-and-answer segment, and various dance segments. The contestants were able to show their talents, cultures, beauty, and knowledge. From poetry to singing, to salsa dancing, the pageant demonstrated that women of color can do it all. The event was hosted by the comical and energetic tick-tocker, Tibby D. At the end of the night the crowned Miss Belleza 2022 ended up being Paola Castro, Miss Nicaragua.

What made Belleza Universal so special was that not only was it able to have a diverse lineup of a talented, beautiful, wise women of color but that it was also able to have these young ladies showcase the beauty of their cultures while also discussing the social and economic issues that face Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition to the issues that many women of color face like poverty, sexism, racism, colorism, etc. This pageant tells women of color to be who they are, express themselves, and lastly, love themselves. A special shoutout to LASO, the contestants, and all the participants that were able to make the show possible and on behalf of Black World we can’t wait to see the show next year.

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