The Absolute Need to Rest

Photo Credits: Eartha Kitt, photographed by Don Ornitz, (1957) By Esther Alatishe At some point during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement within the lockdown, I became very intent on finding content for young black women like myself that didn’t feel traumatic. On Instagram, I muted the posts of so many whose content magnified news stories of police […]

My hair was called a bird’s nest

By: Kiara Thomas “El diablo, pero mira a ese pajon,” said a Subway worker to her coworker at Stony Brook University as she cut my herb and cheese bread. I was with my boyfriend getting a sandwich after class last year. I didn’t notice her speak.  I was fixated on my sandwich and what toppings I wanted.  After he ordered […]

The False Narrative for Progress

Photo Credits: Gordon Parks, Untitled, Washington DC (1963) By Esther Alatishe During this intense time in which Black Lives Matter protests and advocacy are sweeping through cities and social media, many are declaring that it is time for a change. At the macro-level, it is time for substantial changes in our criminal justice, economic, medical, and educational institutions. Without a […]

Blackface in Hicksville

By Tathiana Piquion The greatest philosophers have always said that your greatest thoughts and ideas come when you simply stare out a window and try looking for what is beyond as life passes you by. In all honesty, when I do this, I just think about the assignments I have due coming up or the family drama that’s remains a […]