44th Annual BWA Fashion Show Review

44th Annual BWA Fashion Show Review

By Anthoni Haynes

So let’s talk about the 44th Annual Black Womyn’s Association that took place on Saturday, April 23 in the SAC Ballroom. Lord was it serving UNITY love a Black Woman from infinity to infinity from the designs to the performances to the music and the host. I was looking forward to the show and boy was I not disappointed. This year’s show was entitled Onyx Beauty Overall the show was a creative display of melanated arts, talent, beauty, and diversity and truly represented how dynamic and creative the mystical being that is the Black Woman truly is.

The fashion show was hosted by the fabulous and comical tik tocker Anayke She, with music by DJ A-minor, and an amazing performance by up-and-coming songstress Vena Love. The show was made up of various aesthetic scenes. The show was themed in a 2000s BET Awards style which was executed perfectly. Models and designers paid tribute to nostalgic artists such as TLC and even present-day artists like Big Sean and Jhene Aiko as well as social media influencers. One of the most eye-pleasing astonishing scenes was the Chaos and Beauty scene which followed a rage room-video game aesthetic. Perhaps the most surprising scene for me was the raunchy yet classy lingerie  Seduction scene. The scene managed to be seductive and sensual but still exclusive and reserved leaving some elements to be left up to the imagination of the audience.

What made The 44th Annual Black Womyn’s Association Fashion Show as beautiful and creative as it was was the fact that it demonstrated how Black women dominate and breathe life into so many creative aspects whether it be fashion, art, music, hair, comedy, cosmetics, etc. In addition, the show was made by Black women for Black women from the scenes to the designs to the host to the deejay it was all Black Women. The show represents how Black Women’s influence is so critical to the livelihood of pop culture. A special shoutout to the Black Womyn’s Association, all the designers and models, Anayka She, Vina Love, and DJ A-minor for this wonderful show on behalf of BlackWorld media we truly cannot wait for next year’s show.


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