Chaos in Paradise

Anthoni Haynes

I was laying on a beach

Crystal Clear water, powdery sand

Gazing up at the sky with a drink in my hand

Suddenly before my eyes

The storm clouds rolled in, the winds howled and the darkness snuffed out the light 

What was once a sweet flavor became bitter sadness 

At that moment I found chaos in paradise

While walking down the street

I bumped into a friend 

We were smiling, laughing, cracking jokes

And here it came again, I witnessed the sky darken and the storm clouds descend

Everything whirled into a violent tornado 

The glass shattered, windows ripped from their frames

Mashed up houses, I found no shelter, no umbrella, no protection

It just happened

Without warning, no peace 

It returned with no caution 

Unexpectedly I was in the middle of the rainforest

Taking in fresh air

Bathing in the waterfalls

Without a care in the world 

And again it was there

This horrendous thunder 

The ground started shaking 

Winds whistling 

Everything tossed and turned

All I could do was close my eyes 

I stumbled and before I could catch myself

I was swept up in the flood of darkness 

I called out for someone, anyone, lord please find me

A helpless child

A lost little boy

A broken soul 

My innocence was lost as I stumbled upon Chaos in Paradise

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