Malik’s Nobility Night

Malik’s Nobility Night

Nobility Night Review

By: The Rewriting

“Manhood. Achievement. Leadership. Integrity. Knowledge.” These words embody what the brotherhood of the MALIK Fraternity, Inc. represents. The MALIK brothers serve the Black and Latinx community while also standing against all forms of injustice. On Saturday November 5th, students were dressed in their best attire to attend the MALIK Fraternity’s annual Nobility Night. The night consisted of performances by Stony Brook’s Gospel Choir, Jubile, Caribana, and many more. There was also delicious food and awards presented, including a three-hundred dollar prize for the African Diaspora Poem Scholarship. 

Many students had the chance to perform their poems, but there could only be one winner. Black World’s writer Oluwatoyin Kupoluyi was the winner of this year’s African Diaspora Poem Scholarship. Ms. Kupoluyi is a freshman double majoring in political science and journalism with a minor in filmmaking. Through the exceptional delivery of her poem “Atlantis,” Oluwatoyin captivated the attention of those present at the Nobility Night. During her delivery, she shone a light on the Diaspora’s stolen legacy. At the end of the tunnel, there’s always hope. We wanted to thank Oluwatoyin for bringing light to a topic that isn’t often discussed, those “born from rebellion, with people who don’t understand the language of no” as she mentioned.

On behalf of the Black World family, congratulations Oluwatoyin Kupoluyi! Her award-winning poem and her most recent work can be found on the Black World’s website. Also, a special shoutout to MALIK Fraternity Inc., we hope you continue to represent the many faces here at Stony Brook University.

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