“Evolve Your Vision and Open Your Mind”: Bronx Artist Gloria Zapata’s Art Gallery in Dedication to This Past Women’s History Month

“Evolve Your Vision and Open Your Mind”: Bronx Artist Gloria Zapata’s Art Gallery in Dedication to This Past Women’s History Month

By Isabella Begazo

This March’s celebration of National Women’s History Month was filled with plenty of expression, creativity and art all across the United States. In all different forms of artwork, women’s achievements and powerful influence are celebrated to commemorate their contributions in society.

New York is filled with diverse creativity in every corner, especially with many artists creating fascinating visions of their work dedicated to this Women’s History Month. Afro-Latina artist and photographer Gloria Zapata’s “Evolve Your Vision and Open Your Mind” art gallery, which was showcased last week at Poe Park in the Bronx, displays abstract pieces of leading women in history, including Rosa Parks, Celia Cruz and Aretha Franklin.

The collection of paintings themselves are in an abstract style, a photograph taken and transformed into black and white silhouettes with a splash of color, as described by Gloria herself. This past weekend, I reached out to Gloria and had the fortunate opportunity to ask her some questions about her dedicated artwork.

Source: Zapata, Gloria (@gzfotografias) “…KEEP BLOOMING!!…” Instagram, March 1, 2022.

What do you hope visitors take from “Evolve Your Vision and Open Your Mind?”

“I would love visitors to take a moment to embrace the joy of my artwork through these tough times, and for the youth/ community to be inspired by the portraitures of bravery/ strength and empowerment. Plus motivate and encourage others or new generations to continue making a difference in the world.”

Who are your biggest inspirations for this piece? 

They all are an inspiration and motivation to keep creating more amazing portraits. It’s an honor to paint these portraits.

Source: Zapata, Gloria (@gzfotografias) “…ILLUMINATED…” Instagram, March 29, 2022.

How would you describe the artwork style?

Abstract style. A photograph transformed into a Black and White silhouette portraits with a splash of color.

What was your favorite part about working on this art gallery and why?

Meeting great people and the staff at POE Park Visitor Center gallery. Along with the experience and unexpected love people have for the artwork.

Gloria is active as a freelance artist in the Bronx, creating many different forms of it, including murals and photographs.

To view more of Gloria’s work, you can visit her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Instagram: @gzfotografias and @gzfotografias_arte



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