A Tribute to Walter Mercado

A Tribute to Walter Mercado

By: Victor Piccini-Ventura

Walter Mercado was a household staple through his astrology readings, which touched the hearts of Latinos in a segment in Primer Impacto. His flashy attire had people inspired to be a star burning bright, he will be missed. The Puerto Rican native passed away at 87 due to kidney failure on Nov. 2.

Buenas Vibras

Familia viene con el espiritu de Aushun, no mueve ni llora. 

La patria vive dentro de ti como un fuego fuerte. 

No retrocede, sigue moviendo adelante. 

No lloras porque vivimos con buenas vibras. 

Don’t shake in the face of adversity at the sense of the hopes and dreams of all shatters in your sights by the weight of the conditional existence the wither willows that shatter and shake against your ever waking moment of those that dance in the face of adversity you are gifted many hopes and dreams. 

Don’t be fooled, don’t be crushed, your loved ones live on with you as a flame in your heart that doesn’t wither but is strong siempre. the tears you shed waters the memories that grow like seeds the plants we are. 

The stars shatter and tear to create such a lovely being that we grow to impact many when we let it happen. Believe in yourself and those that stand by you. Don’t be misunderstood just move like the giant you are.

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